Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 7 Hot Job Trends Education

There are many career questions about careers that seem to go unanswered. Recently it has been so difficult to narrow the fields where jobs will continue to be plentiful.  Globally companies are competing for the people who can help them to educate their workforce.  Jobs require a variety of people to fill their talent pool.  The question that many students of all ages are asking is how to position their career so that they will be an attractive potential employee.

One of the key factors is recognizing that your education must be continuous.  You must keep up on the latest trends in your field. Do you know the people who excel and get promoted because of their accomplishments?  You can read about them in the news and on the internet in  websites like Linkedin.  You are the catalyst for your future career opportunities.  Don’t let others place limits on what you accomplish.  Stay connected with professionals who were researching the latest trends in your field.  There are seven hot careers to consider: (1) teacher, (2) consultant, (3) education companies, (4) charter schools, (5) career counselor, (6) master teacher and  (7) trainer. You can expand some of your options within teaching just by considering the options I’ve listed.  The opportunities in these fields will continue to grow at a steady pace into the future. Join my education newsletter at

In the foreseeable future there will still be a need for qualified teachers. Teachers will be needed in public schools charter schools, catholic schools and private schools. You must be willing to move to places throughout the country to obtain the best job. Some teachers work on special projects within their school district and they serve as a consultant.  The number of education companies that hire teachers is growing.  Education companies need teachers for their expertise. The number of charter schools is growing in many states and parents are very interested in putting their children into a different education advice.  You can also pursue your interest in becoming a career counselor.  Students need a career counselor to focus on the students career goals. In many schools the counselor to student ratio is five hundred students to one counselor.  There is a need for master teachers who can train new teachers.  We also need teachers who can work as trainers within the school district.

A common area to watch in each of these fields is how new technology influences the way that education is delivered.  You will notice that new computers will shape how all of the teachers interacts with each other.  There will be a greater need for collaboration among all of these professionals.  The options for teacher training may not happen on just one continent.  Teachers can use Skpe to talk to teachers and students who are living all around the globe.  People will interact globally and determine how certain teaching careers will grow.

You must be ready for change for the foreseeable future.  You will use the technology to keep up with trends.  The use of online courses will continue to grow and so will downloads of content that can be used to conduct training on Ipods and on cell phones.  Try to pursue teleconferences where you can talk to other professionals in field.  You will find that there are people who are willing to help.  They can point you to resources that will help you to become more knowledgeable about your career.

Take the limits off your potential to change as your profession moves forward.  Don’t allow your knowledge to become obsolete. You are in control of your career destiny.  Another way to grow is by listening to books on CD.  Some magazines and books have CDs that you can listen to while you are driving or working at home.  You can set the pace for your career if you remain flexible to adapt to new innovations in the way that instructors in your field are thinking.  Take each summer as an opportunity to review additional research on things that are changing in the teaching profession.  Take the new information and share your new knowledge with other teacher

Get ready for your career to take off in a new direction every day.  There are some great leaders that you can follow to succeed. The response that you receive as you expand your career options will be based on your input.  Can you imagine what it would be like to know that you are making the right decision about your career?  These are the ways to improve the career decisions you are making everyday.  It’s time to create a bright future and a new pathway to an exciting teaching career. Dr Stephen Jones is an author, professional development presenter and education expert. Join my education newsletter at can view his website at http: // or call 610-842-3843.